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Conquering Momma Charity
Conquering Momma Lisa

About Conquering Momma

Our Mission:

Conquering Momma is a community that provides support, tools, and encouragement to live your most beautiful life!

Meet The Team:

Hi, my name is Charity! I am a mother, military spouse, and adventure enthusiast.  I am a down to earth woman who is in her late 30's.  I am starting to enter a new phase of life after struggling through the last decade.  I wish to live my most beautiful life, and to show my two amazing daughters the importance of taking care of  one's physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Hey everyone! I'm Lisa, mother of 2 grown sons, grandma to 3 beautiful granddaughters, and wife to my childhood sweetheart (yes that is a LOT of years). I'm a hyper-organized planner that thrives on complexity and am somewhat of a serial entrepreneur...and yet I struggle to find the balance of inner peace.  I want to be the best me possible, by my definition not others, and gain the balance I need to keep heart, body, and soul tuned together. 

Hi, I’m Amanda. I am a creative spirit that plays many roles in this theatrical drama we call life. Wife, mother, and friend are the more dominant roles I play these days. While I’m still defining who I am, I know that I am forever changing and evolving with each phase of life. My passion for photography runs deep within my soul as I live to capture and document every monumental moment. I am a new mother to an adventurous and brilliant toddler, and she keeps me on my toes all day long. I am here to make mistakes and learn as I go. And with the strength and support of a tribe standing beside me, I know I will continue to grow into the best version of myself.   

This is a place of empowerment and authentic community.  A place where we can struggle, but also a place where we can rise up and conquer. 

Join us in this adventure as a conquering momma.  Take time to find you among the chaos, because you deserve to shine your brightest.

*Disclaimer:  All blogs and advice are given from everyday women, we are not mental health professionals and do not claim to be.  All tools and support are from our own journeys and need to be taken as such.

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