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Conquering Momma Adventure

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about planning, packing, and executing my own conquering momma adventure. Being a military family generally means that our immediate family can be quite far away. I have such fond memories growing up and spending time with my grandparents. There were so many weekends filled with board games, fishing trips, and love. These relationships are still very special to me and I think of my grandparents with such fondness and love. I want this for my children, but the distance makes it difficult. I am going to combine my quest for a conquering momma adventure with taking a road trip to see our family this summer.

I am one of those people who actually enjoys road trips. I like the unknown of the open road, taking in the scenery around me, and feeling the accomplishment of the miles behind me. My father is a truck driver, as were his parents before him, I think it is in my blood. When life feels uncertain the open road always calls to me and I can feel the possibilities open up. What better way to start the summer with my kids then feeling the excitement of planning and executing a road trip.

Some might think three to four days in a car with a 3-year-old and 7-year-old sounds like torture, but having done this before I know it can be done and can be enjoyable. I’m going to up the challenge and throw in camping instead of using hotels when possible. This will hopefully be the thing my kids remember, our field trips into the unknown. Not only does it teach me to look for the good in all situations, it teaches them. One moment you are exhausted from 3 hours in a car, the next refreshed by just taking a moment at the rest area. It is a true metaphor for life, sometimes you have to push through to see the beauty of the end results. There are enjoyable moments along the way, but not all of them are.

Once we arrive at our destination, I will have the added benefit of staying with family. While some may take for granted that they live near family and can utilize their family to watch their kids this is something I never take for granted. I desperately miss the village affect in life, and this is an area in which I really need to work on. I try desperately to do it all myself and the one area that always seems to be neglected is making time for my passions. This trip I am going to call on family and friends so that I can climb a mountain in Colorado and explore the beauty of the Arizona desert for me. This will provide me the opportunity to check in with myself and enjoy some time just on myself, cultivating the conqueror that I am. Time meditating, praying, and loving myself for a few days. All things I know I need to be doing, but don’t make the time to do because I feel frantic or guilty for taking the time.

I look forward to sharing our trip with you. I hope that you plan one thing this summer that sets your soul on fire! Whether it is a much-needed day hiking, taking a day to sit on the beach as the waves crash in, or taking a weekend and kayaking around your favorite spot. Maybe for you it would be taking a class or looking at the school you know you want to try.

So, my fellow conquering momma’s here is to a soul set on fire!


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Oh Charity what a beautiful piece. So wonderful to hear your heart! Sign me up if you want a day like that and I could be of help. Grandma and I will spoil those girls! ❤️❤️

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