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Let the GAMES begin!

Guess what? I am starting a new project that I'm excited to share with you. It is called PeakPlay(tm) and has been born from my ever challenging pursuit of health and happiness. To me the pillars of health include; mental health, physical health (exercise/weight/BMI), nutritional health and hormonal health.

In the last few years battling menopause and plethora of that disaster's results (weight gain, fatigue, depression, etc), I first focused on mental health. I really began that journey with the origin group of Conquering Momma (Fiercely Finding You). I am by no means done with that journey but have advanced enough that I feel I can initiate this project for continued better health.

This project is using "play" to encourage and support long term engagement. I like games, web games, phone games, board games...all games. I can always play them and don't seem to ever tire. So my thought was "make the physical and nutritional health journey a game for YOU".

So I am building my point system to support overall improvements in H2O intake, calorie intake with food group and number goals, mind/body goals with morning Yoga and strength / cardo improvements with VR (virtual reality) games.

Reaching certain milestones and building points gets me "rewards". The rewards are thing I really want but also make sense when I'm more fit and happier with my physical self. There is a lot of detail behind this but wish me luck. I'll keep you posted and plan to drag you along on this journey because you never know, someday I may find another person who wants to play their way to physical health too!

Hope you find this journey interesting (if not amusing lol). I have the picture here in my office for my goal. My Goal is "Only Be Me". I have been this weight/shape, I can be it again.


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Charity Malabad
Charity Malabad
Jan 10, 2022

This sounds very exciting. What VR games are you currently playing? Are your rewards monthly or are they when you hit a certain milestone? Thanks for sharing.

Jan 11, 2022
Replying to

The VR games are: Synth Riders (like Beat Saber), OHshape, Elven Assasins. I tried tennis but it was a little hard to do. Rewards are by milestone with the big one being an all-inclusive vaca to a Carribean island!

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