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Living in the Awe Inspiring Moments

The wind whips through the trees, the smell of pine needles surrounds me, and I feel alive and free. I am so blessed in this life. As I make my way down the trail I breath in the fresh air, I take in the views and I feel the beauty of this life flow through me. There is just something about connecting with nature that really sets me free. I know that not everyone believes in the same things I do, but I hope that you believe in something. I am going to share and you don’t need to agree, just keep an open mind.

I was half way through my hike when I stopped to take some pictures. I sat for a moment and prayed. I prayed for loved ones, I prayed with thanksgiving, and it was at that precise moment that I got a call. The news of the call is not mine to share, but at that precise moment I was filled with such thankfulness, joy, and awe that I got that call right at the time I had been praying, I wanted to cry. It was a truly beautiful moment for me.

I can tell you from experience that the times I have not made God a priority in my life are the times that it seems my life is falling apart. If I am spiraling out of control, I usually can point out that I have not spent any time in the splendor of his mercy, grace, or love. I try to figure my life out, but if I stop take a moment and feel the world around me, take in the splendor of something bigger than myself, I start to see the path.

I am not trying to persuade you to believe what I believe, but I do want you to examine what moves you? What do you believe in and how does that motivate you? Are you plugging in to the good of your life or are you watching the days tick by and not really feeling or believing anything? I want each person to have those amazing moments like I had to today, where the beauty and joy of life swallows you whole. I want you to live and look back in awe of the moments.

My trip has had some great moments. I spent some time on the back of a motorcycle, the hot desert wind crashing around me, while taking in the landscape. Followed by feeding donkeys in the streets of Oatman, AZ. Soaking in the stillness as I sat watching the sunset over the mountains of the Arizona desert. I got to hike and remember the girl who loved to do this, the girl with so many miles under her feet. I am not that same girl, but with each mile I become the conquering momma I was created to be. I can truly look back on my life and think, WOW. I have such moments of joy; moments of living and I am so grateful for that.

I hope that you have an amazing week ahead, I hope you take a moment to make sure you are doing the things that make you feel alive. I want each woman reading this to know that you are worth living your life to its full potential and the world will be a better place if you are.

Go in kindness, grace, and love.

Your Conquering Momma,


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