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Conquering Momma Lisa

Greetings my lovely Conquering Momma sisters. I am Lisa, a 58-year-old married woman, with two grown sons, two amazing daughters-in-law, and three beautiful granddaughters. I predominantly grew up in Europe and loved the excitement of travel and experiencing new cultures. I now live with my family on 40 acres of rural land in Arizona we call “40 Acre Farms”. I have been lucky enough to have had a career of great experiences (and some not so great) but also have started several companies because let’s face it, I always need to be challenged and pushed.

I married my childhood sweetheart and while we would never dare to say it is a perfect love story, because we had some hellacious bumps in that married road, I don’t see myself with anyone else in this crazy journey of life. I adore my sons and mostly take great pride in seeing them as great husbands and fathers.

I love to travel more than anything. In my younger years I was an avid skier and rock climber, but after many injuries and an aging body, I have settled into a less active lifestyle. Put me on a beach or in the mountains during the snowfall and I’m in heaven. I feel quite lucky for all the positives in my life, but life can be tricky and pull punches when you’re not ready.

If you read/saw the “What is Conquering Momma” piece you can imagine we all want to feel part of a community where there is support, honesty, and no room for negativity. I have struggled with many demons in my life; depression, weight, anger, poor coping mechanisms, insomnia, name it. Add on being in menopause for 10 years already and that just seems to push the demons into hyper-hell mode. Sometimes it is so overwhelming I just want to scream. When I am able to link to other women who have similar or even different challenges to deal with, at the very minimum, I don’t feel so alone.

I have always been a bit of an overachiever. With my upbringing from my parents to be stoic and not show emotions I always thought I was supposed to hold everything in an only show a shiny happy Lisa. Well, THAT backfired through much of my life. Stuffing things into holes and ignoring the issues at hand put me in some dark spaces. The crazy thing is WE ARE NOT ALONE! Regardless of the triggers that impact us, we all have troubled times.

Our focus is to help bind the mental, physical, and spiritual health to provide balance in our lives. I spent a better part of the last two years focused on my mental health and a little on my physical health. What I know I am truly lacking to that 3-legged table is tuning into spirituality. The dilemma for me is not that I am not in touch with it…it is that I don’t know what spirituality even means to me. I will be doing a series of my quest to find spirituality that is tuned into me. I think it is important to note that when

spirituality is defined by a specific religion, there can be many strong emotions tied to a devotion in one direction or another. My journey is not about criticizing any religion, in fact I will not be going into the details of what each spiritual journey can mean to someone…I merely will be sharing how I went on this journey. I hope to someday read/hear from other women that I have helped them in their own struggles by sharing mine. Conquering Momma Lisa signing off until our paths cross again. Give yourselves the grace to make mistakes and be kind to your sisters out there.

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