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Featuring Conquering Momma Aleah

The first Conquering Momma that we are featuring is an amazing individual who embodies resilience, wit, and kindness: my sister, Aleah Weaver. She recently graduated from nursing school obtaining her RN, all while working a full-time job as an LPN. Her determination and dedication to her studies is inspiring, and her patients are lucky to have her as their caregiver.

Not only did my sister show amazing dedication and eventual triumph, she did it all during the COVID era. She was burned out as a nurse, scared for her own safety as the pandemic raged on, and frankly exhausted from dealing with the fallout of the people who didn’t seem to care about others’ safety. She opened her home during this time to some friends from New York in order for them to be in a safer environment and so that they could be isolated together. That is the type of person she is, she opens her heart and home to those in need. Aleah has always believed the best about people and continues to keep her heart open, even when there is a chance that she could be hurt. She will be the first person to help someone without judgment.

What sets my sister apart is her clever and witty personality. She understands that being in a hospital or medical facility can be intimidating, and her ability to make others laugh is a gift that brings comfort and peace to those in her care. She has worked tirelessly as a nurse for the past 10 years and has continued her dedication to her career by completing her RN.

Aleah is independent and self-sufficient. She has taken on the challenges of homeownership with grace, and her home reflects her hard work and determination. Her ability to manage her own life while caring for others is a testament to her strength and resilience.

My sister has a long history of caring for others, even before she was a nurse. She worked at a facility for developmentally disabled individuals in the benefits department. She would spread her love and joy of helping to her clients by tirelessly fighting for their benefits and rights. She would spend hours securing services that would help enhance both the lives of her clients and their families.

My sister was the first person I wanted to feature as the road for her has not always been easy. She has had speed bumps and hurdles, and yet has refused to give up on bettering herself. She embodies the concept of being knocked down and getting right back up to give em’ hell. She could have easily decided that it was too hard to finish school as an adult over thirty with a full-time job. It took her years of dedication and for that she has me standing with applause. It is hard to fully understand the gravity of changing your situation as an adult in your 30’s. As we age, we become set in our ways, don’t like change in our routine, and it is so much harder to be dedicated to something that requires real sacrifice. Aleah did it and I am incredibly proud of her and cannot wait to see what she will achieve next.

A Conquering Momma strives to live her most beautiful life and when I look at my sister that is exactly what I see. She has overcome trials and will continue to give her best in any situation she is in. If you are lucky enough to be her patient, then you will be rest assured that she is giving it her all.

We love collaboration here at Conquering Momma, so I felt it was important to get some perspective from the featured Conquering Momma Aleah. She was gracious enough to give us her insight to the following questions:

Q: Can you tell me what being a Conquering Momma means to you?

A: “Being a Conquering Momma to me means knowing when to reach out and ask for help or support from others. Most of life’s challenges I ultimately have had to figure out on my own. So, learning to reach out to my support system has been a challenge that I continue to work on.”

Q: If you could offer one piece of advice on living your most beautiful life what would that be?

A: “In the midst of life’s challenges or hard times it is important to slow down and find the beauty in the world around you. I try to find simple joys to focus on when times are hard. For me one of these joys is waking up and enjoying some sunshine on the porch or treating myself to a good cup of coffee.”

Q: The biggest struggle you face while trying to be the best version of you?

A: “Anyone who knows me knows that one of my biggest struggles is being too critical of myself. I am trying to implement the same grace and understanding that I show everyone else towards myself. This is a daily battle, especially in times when I am starting something new or there is a big life change.”

Thank you for joining us for our first featured Conquering Momma blog! We love that we get to highlight all the amazing women out there. May your week be filled with light and love.

Conquering Momma,


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