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Women Who Conquer

We think it is important to lift up the women around us, to let a light shine on their accomplishments, and to give a shout out to our fellow conquering mommas out there. Our conquering momma adventure is about women as a collective, we are a community, and as such we want to shine that spotlight on the beautiful souls around us. Starting next month, at the beginning of the month, we will be featuring a conquering momma.

I love this idea because it allows us to show different journeys besides our own and really that is the whole point of this community. To know that no matter what path, what journey you are on, you are not alone. We can not all resonate with the same journey as we all aren’t on the same path, but there will be parts that apply to your life and having diversity in who is represented will allow the opportunity to see a bit of yourself in other’s stories, and pull us closer together in this journey called life.

Initially, you hear Conquering Momma and you may think that this group is just for moms, but it is for all women. When I was in my twenties, my coworker created endearment to me for the term momma, despite the fact that I was not a mother. I am not even sure how we came to the nick names, but she was Big Momma, and I was Little Momma (Big Momma fit her because she is a mom, she is vibrant and loving, and you feel secure in her presence). One day, I was having a particularly bad day, crying in the bathroom at work, and she came in and said, “Little Momma, you alright?”. I came out from hiding and proceeded to cry while she hugged me. She talked to me, cared for me, and at that moment she was my momma. She nurtured and took care of me. Looking back at those moments confirms in my mind any woman can fit the term momma, no matter if she is a mom, sister, or friend. It does not take being a mother for a woman to be called momma. You can take another woman under your wing and those moments that you care for her you are a momma. That is why I love the term Conquering Momma, to me it is all inclusive. It is endearing to the qualities of a mother without necessarily being a mother.

If you have read Amanda’s introduction blog you might recall that she did not feel like she belonged to Conquering Momma prior to being a mother, but in my eyes she was already a Conquering Momma. She loved and nurtured creativity in my children, you say “Aunt Amanda” to my daughters and their faces will light up. I think we hear the term “momma” and assume it is only for those with children. I know a lot of women, who either by choice or circumstances, have not had children and they love the people around them with the qualities of a mother and there is something very special in that. They tend to have a presence that is warm and welcoming, and while it may not be the path they wanted, they tend to be the people that I feel safe with.

Every woman can exhibit momma like qualities of being kind, nurturing, and protective. We can look out for one another, we can be kind and nurturing when a fellow woman is struggling. These qualities are for every woman no matter where she is on her journey. Let us be mommas to one another.

We are very excited to be featuring a new Conquering Momma each month! We hope you join us.

May your week be filled with light and love.

Conquering Momma,


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1 Comment

Feb 06, 2023

So excited about the feature series, there are so many women who inspire me and I can't wait to highlight them.

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